Electrician engineer work tester measuring voltage and current of power electric line in electical cabinet control.

Are your outlets warm?

Do you have a warm outlet? Are you wondering if you should be concerned? Here are some ways to diagnose your warm outlet.

If you have a warm outlet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have pending electrical failure or that it is a fire hazard. However; if it is one of these things, its good to be prepared.

1.)  Do you have a charger or electronic device plugged in? These can sometimes cause the outlet to feel warm. Try unplugging it and wait a few hours to see if that helps the outlet to cool down.

2.) If you have lose wiring inside your outlet or switch, it normally will generate extra heat. You will need an electrician if this is the case and it will need to be corrected immediately!

3.) Do you have too many things plugged into the same outlet? Overloading it with a power strip or outlet multiplier may be convenient but be careful not to overload the outlet. Unplug a few things from the strip and disperse them to other plugs around the room.

4.) Sometimes in older homes, the size of the fuse or breaker isn’t up to code and therefore is not the correct size. It might be time to upgrade your electrical wiring.

5.)  If there are visible parts of the switch or plug broken, the entire thing needs to be replaced immediately.

6.) There may be too much demand on your circuits, depending on how the system was wired. You may have too much current flowing into the same switch or outlet. Some circuits may need to be rewired so that the current is equally distributed. If this is the case, you need an electrician.

I know all you ‘DIY’ people out there love to save money and do it yourself but when it comes to electrical work, this is not a project to attempt on your own. The results of messing with electric when your not licensed and you don’t know what you are doing, could be catastrophic. From some of our previous posts, you have seen the devastation that ark flash can leave in its wake. Not to mention electrocution, burns, and electrical shock.

Ultimately, hiring an electrician saves you money. Faulty electrical work can cause fires resulting in a lot more property damage than you had to begin with. Not to mention fry circuits, ruin fixtures, and damaged appliances.

Some may even try to argue that if something goes wrong that insurance will cover it, however; some insurance companies wont cover it if the work was not done by a licensed electrician. Take my word for it when i say it is not worth it. So, do you need electrical work done? Call G Technology today.