Electrician engineer work tester measuring voltage and current of power electric line in electical cabinet control.

How to save money section 1

Hey everyone!

So i don’t know about you but i can’t think of anyone i know that doesn’t like saving money. I want to cry a little every time i get my electric bill each month. So what are some things that we can do to get a little more money in our pockets and less on that pesky electric bill statement.

1.) Stop the dishwasher when it gets to the drying cycle. Letting your dishes dry naturally will save the extra energy of the machine doing it.

2.) Free the cooling passages in your fridge and freezer. When the vent is blocked, your fridge needs to work even harder to keep everything cool.

3.) Unplug battery chargers. Even if your not using your charger at the moment, just having it in the wall is using electric. Unplug it when its not in use.

4.) Use your front door instead of your garage door. Every time you come in and out of your house through the garage, it uses power. Why not use your front door instead and save a little energy?

5.) Clean fridge coils. Keeping the coils clean will help the fridge to use less electricity when keeping your food cold.

6.) Use table lamps. When your only in a small space in your house use table lamps. Its much more efficient than having a larger overhead light on all the time.

7.) Check your dryer before its finished. Your dryer could be set at a certain time frame but whose to say that your clothes wont be finished drying before that?

8.) Do consecutive loads of laundry. Your dryer will already be warmed up if you do your second load immediately after the first one finishes. That way your dryer wont have to use the energy to reheat itself up.

9.) Turn your computer off. Its a little thing to not really think about but when your not using your computer, its just sitting there running up your energy usage.

10.) Separate your fridge and your stove. Having your fridge and your stove next to each other, makes your fridge work overtime to keep cool next to the heat.


I Hope this article helps saves you money!