Electrician engineer work tester measuring voltage and current of power electric line in electical cabinet control.

How to treat High-Voltage Electrical Shock

Electricity is a wonderful amenity but it can also be very dangerous.  When wiring is done by an experienced electrician, the risk of electrical shock is low, but accidents still occur.  Not only are there dangers inside of your home but also outside as well. Lightening strikes and downed power lines can have fatal results.

It is important to be prepared, just in case you are thrown into this delicate situation. You could potentially save a life or help minimize additional injury. This knowledge can also help prevent others from being shocked as well. If someone receives an electrical shock, what should you do?

Keep calm. You can’t help anyone if you are in a panic but do your best to act quickly and wisely. Be observant to what is around you so as to avoid any danger that still remains.

Call 911. The faster you call, the faster someone can come to help.

Check to see if the source of the electricity is still attached to the victim.

Turn off the power to the main circuit breaker. Inside the panel there will be a switch to shut it off. Only proceed when you are sure the power has been turned off.

Remove the victim from the source of the electricity. Do NOT touch them with bare hands! The shock could be transferred through your touch and shock you as well! Find a non-conducting object, such as wood or rubber, to separate them from the electrical source.

Once the power is shut off and the victim is separated from the source, make sure that their airways are open so that they can breathe. Try to keep the victim talking and conscience until help arrives. If you have access to a blanket, put it over the victims body. It will help to regulate his body temperature. Do NOT place blanket directly on any burns.

A shock to the body is wild and unpredictable. There is no telling the damage that was done on the inside of the body. An Electrical Shock victim must get everything checked out by a doctor, even if outward injuries don’t look extreme. There could be vital damage to organs and tissue.