Electrician engineer work tester measuring voltage and current of power electric line in electical cabinet control.

Pole Light Project!

We have had a very busy summer this year! Along with all of our normal work load, we had a large project of installing 39 street pole lights! You can view the trailer for this project on our website at                 gtechnology-pa.com

What was included in this project?  Here is the rundown and a little something to wet your appetite for seeing our trailer…

With safety being our top priority, before we were able to begin, we made sure to acquire proper permits. We also put up safety signs and cones to ensure this job was completed without incident.

Now for the real fun…

*To start with, we had to pull up and demo all of the surrounding sidewalk area with special equipment and dispose of the old macadam/asphalt.

*The existing light poles needed to be demoed and removed from the job site.

*Following this, we had to trench holes for all of the poles to be placed into.

*Within each hole, we needed to build wood frames in which to place Sono Tubes and Rebar Cages. These are the foundation and the means of stability for the poles. Wires needed to be pulled through and prepared before the concrete could be poured.

*Once the concrete was poured, the work area was neatly cleaned.

*As soon as the concrete dried and was ready, we prepared and installed the poles, and terminated/ connected the  wire. There was a lot of smaller details involved as well, but these were the basics.

Check out some pictures of our crew in the final stages of this project…..      sv1       sv6

sv2      sv      sv8

sv4     and Voila’! Let there be light! 🙂