Electrician engineer work tester measuring voltage and current of power electric line in electical cabinet control.

How to save money Part 2

Hey Guys! I promised to give you more ways to save money! so here it is! Section 2 of the article from last week. Enjoy!

1.) You would be surprised how much energy is wasted on lights being turned on in rooms you aren’t in. So make it a habit to shut off the lights when you leave a room.

2.) When you have a fan running, the only way you benefit from it and feel cooler is if your in front or under it. Leaving it on doesn’t keep your room cool. so save money by shutting them off when your not using them.

3.) Cover your windows. In the summer when the heat comes in through your windows it makes your air conditioner work even harder. Block out the sun and save energy.

4.) Seal leaks. You wouldn’t believe how much money is literally going out the window when you have a lot of cracks around your windows and doors.

5.) Did you know that some electric company lower their rates after 8:00? You should contact your electric provider and find out if this is the case for you. Doing laundry and other energy consuming tasks, you could be saving money!

6.) Adjust your water heater. You may have it set way hotter than it needs to be burning unnecessary energy and money.

7.) Wash your clothes in cold water. Close to 90% of the energy used by your washer is to heat the water. That is a lot when you imagine how many loads of laundry your family does each year.

8.) Install more plants. Leafy plants and trees around your home can help block the sun from shining into your house, onto your air conditioning unit and windows.

9.) I mentioned before about turning your computer off, but how about  putting your printer, scanner and fax machine in sleep mode?

10.) How about installing motion censors to replace your regular turn on and off lights? By having a motion censor or a light that is set on a timer, you save yourself the hassle of worrying that lights are being left on. (It just so happens that G Technology installs these, in case you were wondering). 😉

Keep a look out for our next blog and for more electrical tips!